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Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Information and training for those required to handle bloodborne pathogen material in the workplace. From janitorial and maintenance staff, to institutional housekeeping.

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Your Staff Will Receive Essential Bloodborne Pathogen Training Information

Scenario-based training means you and your employees will have the mental “muscle memory” required to react professionally.

What is a Bloodborne Pathogen

Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans.

Be Prepared

What students who are at risk of Bloodborne Pathogen exposure or infectious material need to know. 

Common Bloodborne Pathogens

Learn about the most common ones, including Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, and HIV.

How Infection Occurs

Review common ways Bloodborne Pathogens are spread to staff. 

Exposure Control Plan

Students will understand your companies policies & procedures for Bloodborne Pathogens. 

PPE Training

Understand the use of PPE including gloves, masks, & face shields.

Blood Born Pathogen FAQ's

Here's What You Need to Know About Our Bloodborne Pathogen Training

How Long Is a Standard Class?

Merit’s Bloodborne Pathogen Classes are 90 minutes long. 

Will The Class Be Hands-On?

Yes, the class will utilize sample Bloodborne Pathogen supplies on site

Does My Company Provide Hepatitis B Vaccination?

Most organizations offer the vaccine for staff who could be potentially exposed. 

Will We Receive Post-Training Documentation For Our Records?

Yes, each student will receive a two year course completion card to document they have completed the course.

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