emergency training for businesses

Emergency Preparedness Training

Information to prepare yourself, family, and coworkers in an all-hazard disaster scenario.

Essential Emergency Preparedness Skills

Your Staff Will Learn These Essential Emergency Preparedness Skills

Scenario-based training means you and your employees will have the mental “muscle memory” required to react professionally.

Personal Preparedness

Emotional preparation, community awareness, and group preparedness. 

Supplies & Equipment

Learn about both shelter in place and necessary mobile supplies & equipment in the event of evacuation.


Understand the criteria-based system for sorting injuries based on level of severity.

Post Event

Prepare for post-event evaluations, stress evaluations, and CISD – critical incidence stress debriefing.

Additional Resources

This class will provide you with supplemental information and materials to prepare you for the unexpected. 

case study

Employees at Semiahmoo Resort Successfully Revive Cardiac Arrest Victim 7 Days After CPR and AED Training

Watch heart attack victim Dard Price describe how the team at Semiahmoo Resort became his heros. Employess successfully revived Mr. Price in just three minutes using an Automated External Defibrillation (AED) device they were trained to use only seven days prior.

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