First Aid training for businesses

First Aid Training

Learn how to quickly & correctly respond to common medical emergencies with professional first aid training for your business.

Essential First Aid Skills

Your Staff Will Learn These Essential First Aid Training Skills

Scenario-based training means you and your employees will have the mental “muscle memory” required to react professionally.

Legal & Ethical

Learn about Good Samaritan Law, permission for care, and implied vs. actual consent.

Patient Assessments

Understand both visual and kinesthetic evaluations, as well as how to conduct a patient history survey.

Medical Emergency Training

What to do for diabetes, seizures, poisoning, bandaging, bleeding, and burns.

Sudden Illness

Handle fainting, strokes, breathing difficulties, asthma, and allergic reactions. 


How to treat dehydration, heat cramps, heat stroke, hypothermia, & frostbite.

Sudden Injuries

The basics on bleeding, tourniquets, amputations,  head/neck/back injuries, impaled objects, & splinting.

First Aid FAQ's

Here's What You Need to Know About Our First Aid Training Class

How Long Is a Standard Class?

Merit’s First Aid Classes are…

Is the Class Fun and Engaging?

Yes! Our classes include hands-on training that engages all learners.

What's My Liability If I Provide Emergency Care?

No one has ever been successfully sued regarding emergency care while following national guidelines. This is supported by the Good Samaritan Law in all 50 states.

Will We Receive Post-Training Documentation For Our Records?

Yes, each student will receive a two year course completion card to document they have completed the course.

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