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Yes! Our classes include hands-on training that engages all learners. View class descriptions for more detail.

Yes, Merit classes provide certifications that meet or exceed Washington State Health and Safety Standards.

Absolutely. Merit brings a mobile classroom to your office, place of business, or conference room to provide hands-on emergency training for your employees.

Our “scenario-based training” program means you and your employees will have the mental “muscle memory” required to react properly and effectively in an emergency situation.

Yes, each student will receive a two year course completion card to document they have completed the course.

Merit classes include multiple learning styles such as written, kinesthetic (hands-on), and lecture to ensure all participants learn optimally.

Yes. You will learn from certified instructors whose professional backgrounds include years of real-world emergency and teaching experience.

Yes, we can help you outfit your office or business with the same equipment you trained on. We offer free emergency equipment consultations so you’ll have exactly what you need.

No one has ever been successfully sued regarding emergency care while following national guidelines. This is supported by the Good Samaritan Law in all 50 states.​

You must consider specific operational guidelines set by your own medical program, role, or director. As a Health Care Professional  you have additional responsibilities.

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