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Fire Extinguisher Training

Learn the basics of fires, how to respond, & be able use multiple kinds of fire extinguishers with our Fire Extinguisher Training course. 

Essential Fire Extinguisher Training​

Your Staff Will Learn These Essential Fire Extinguisher Skills

Scenario-based training means you and your employees will have the mental “muscle memory” required to react professionally.

Live Fire Demo

Using a real LPG fire when conditions & location will allow. 

Fire Triangle

Understand how fire works. Fuel, heat, & oxygen: take one away and the fire will go out. 

Fire Classifications

Proper hand placement and depth, correct speed.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Understand the difference between Water, CO2, and Dry Chemical extinguishers.  

Rules For Fighting Fires

What to do including personal safety and activating a pull alarm

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Learn the PASS technique for proper use. 

fire extinguisher FAQ's

Here's What You Need to Know About Our Fire Extinguisher Training

How Long Is a Standard Class?

Merit’s Fire Extinguisher classes are typically 90 minutes.​

Will The Class Be Hands-On?

Yes! Our classes include hands-on training that engages all learners. ​

Will I learn how to put out a fire?​

Yes! You will use a real fire extinguisher on a real LPG flame when the location will allow. ​

Will We Receive Post-Training Documentation For Our Records?

Yes, each student will receive a two year course completion card to document they have completed the course.

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